Upper Lip $50 – $75
Chin $50 – $75
Full Face $150 – $200
Neck(front) $125 – $170
Neck(back) $100 – $140
SideBurns $80 – $120
Shoulders $190 – $250
Full back $300 – $550
Chest $250 – $450
Underarm $55 – $110
Forearm $150 – $250
Fullarm $250 – $350
Bikini line $90 – $130
Brazilian $150 – $300
Upper legs + Bikini $250 – $325
Lower legs $200 – $275
Full legs + Bikini $500 – $750



A consultation session is required prior to your first laser appointment to discuss your various options for hair removal. Call now to book your free 20-minute consultation appointment (604) 984 88 04


 LASER HAIR REMOVAL Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many laser sessions do I need for all the hair to stop growing?

Depending on several factors such as hair color, hair type, growth density, etc., the average number of sessions is 6 to 8 visits. During your free consultation, the laser technician will be able to give you a better estimation.

2. what Does Spa deja vu use for laser hair removal  ?

Spa spa deja vu inc uses one of the best laser machines on the market  Cutera and LHE specifically designed for hair removal.

3. If I get one treatment done today, when can I come back for the next treatment?

It would usually be about 5-8 weeks in between laser sessions. Depending on the area of the body being treated and how your hair responds to the laser treatments, it could be more or less. This varies according to the person. This would be explained to you during your free 20-minute laser consultation.

4. What do I need to prepare for my free 20-minute laser consultation?

Definitely no waxing, tweezing, threading or tanning four weeks prior to your laser consultation and throughout the duration of all your actual laser appointments.

5. I am going ON VACTAION for  HOT place in a couple of weeks. Is it okay for me to have a laser treatment?

Unfortunately, it is not recommended. It is best that you do not have any sun exposure to the laser area 4 weeks prior to the appointment, and also 4 weeks after the appointment.

6. I usually get waxing done. What do I need to know before I get a laser treatment?

It is preferred that you come in for a laser treatment at least 30 days from your last waxing appointment.

7. How long should my hair be before I get a laser treatment?

It is best to shave the area that you would like to have laser treatment done at least 6 hours or more before you come in for your appointment. This is so that your skin is not so raw from just being shaved.



  • PLEASE SHAVE THE AREA BEING TREATED but not LESS than 6 hours before your treatment
  •  No waxing for 6 weeks before your treatment
  • No tanning for 4 weeks before your treatments
  • No self tanners
  •  No makeup if you are getting laser on the face
  • Wear suncreen everyday if you are getting laser on the face
  • No deodorant if you are getting laser on the underarms
  • No photo-sensitive medications (If you are unsure please see your doctor)
  • If you are prone to cold sores or herpes simplex please see your doctor and take the prescribed medication for 3 days before and after your treatment to prevent an outbreak.
  • Please discontinue laser if you become pregnant
  • No alcohol or non-prescription drugs before a treatment
  • If you are sensitive to pain you may take an Advil 2 hr before your treatment


  • Do not take a hot shower for 24 hours after your treatment. If you need to shower please make it a cooler shower and do not use anything abrasive on the area
  • No excessive sweating for 24 hours after your treatment (no working out, no saunas, no swimming, no hot yoga etc…)
  • No deodorant for 24 hours after your treatment if you are getting laser on the underarm area
  • No makeup for 24 hours after your treatment if you are getting laser on the face, mineral makeup is okay.
  • No sun exposure for 1 week after your treatment (Preferrably no sun exposure to the area at all)
  • If irritation occurs you may apply Aloe Vera gel or hydra-cortisone ointment on the area
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